Flathead seeks comments on forest use

Hey skiers — the Flathead National Forest is revising its forest plan and they want to learn how different people use the forest – skiing included. For skiers, the areas of primary interest are along U.S. 2 near Glacier, the Whitefish Mountains, the Swans, and the east side of the Missions roughly north of the Missoula County line.

(What’s that? You haven’t skied any of these areas? Well here’s some of what you’re missing — Marias Pass.)

Marias Pass

The forest has made a cool online mapping tool where you can click on general areas where you ski and board – this will show forest planners which areas are important to backcountry skiers and should be managed for non-motorized recreation.

It only takes a few minutes to pin areas (well, I guess that depends on how much you ski on the Flathead) and the Forest Service is sure to hear from a lot of different users during this comment period, so make sure backcountry skiers get an edge in.

I made comments, so if you have any questions, post them on our Facebook page and one of us will help out.

Here’s the forest plan: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/flathead/landmanagement/planning/?cid=stelprdb5422786&width=full

And here’s the map: http://my.usgs.gov/ppgis/studio/launch/34126

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