Montana Snowbowl’s Uphill Travel Policy


All ski runs and trails are closed to uphill traffic when the lifts are operating. The uphill traffic restriction is ineffect 1 hour prior to the lifts opening and until day end sweep has been completed and all skiers comingdownhill have arrived at the base area. Pets that are attended on a leash will be allowed in the parking lot area only.

8.5 Winter Access to the Permit Area
People departing the ski area or going off area has been discussed in Sections 3.3.2 and 3.3.3. People wanting to enter the Permit Area can do so as long as grooming and or snowmaking operations are not ongoing on the particular run they are skiing or boarding and as long as they are not traveling uphill during regular business hours while the lifts are running. Outside of regular business hours, public access is not allowed on runs while grooming and or snowmaking are occurring on that run. Snowbowl shall not be responsible for skiers or snowboarders inside the ski area boundary before or after regular business hours.


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