About Us

Mission: To preserve quality traditional human-powered winter recreation experiences, reduce conflict, improve opportunity, and promote safety among backcountry winter users in Montana.

Goals: MBA represents the traditional backcountry and Nordic ski, snowboard, and snowshoe community. We work to maintain and regain areas where we quietly ski, snowboard, and snowshoe. Simply, MBA provides a voice for the backcountry and Nordic skiers, snowboarders, and snowshoers in western Montana and works to protect the areas where we recreate.

Vision: MBA envisions public lands policies that recognize that winter non-motorized and motorized users are generally looking for different recreational experiences. We use the backcountry in addition to, or instead of commercial ski areas because of the unique opportunity to experience the beauty, quiet, and solitude of the mountains during wintertime. We recognize that snowmobile high marking and quiet traditional backcountry use are not compatible in the same areas and create dangerous user conflict. Snowmobiles are appropriate on designated trail systems and play areas. Designated non-motorized areas with reasonable access will provide the safe and relaxing experience that traditional winter recreationists seek out.